Request for support

Didgud is a way for local people to contribute a little each month, with the 'pot' going to a local cause that we have collaboratively decided.

That could be your cause, and this form is how you get considered.

The first criterion is that we are local people giving to a local cause, so we need to know where you are, and for now if you are working nationally or in a larger area than a single city or town, you won't qualify. Later that will change and be expanded, but that's the rule for now. At the time of writing (mid May 2018) DidGud only operates in Scarborough, Yorkshire, UK. If you are elsewhere, consider requesting that DidGud sets up where you are.

Your request will be repeatedly compared with other requests and suggestions until there is just one remaining, and that cause receives the month's money. The amount being given is presently quite small, but it's intended that we get to quite large amounts.

Right from the start the idea was that we could fund all sorts of things, not just established charities. So if you have a reason for DidGud to give you money .. let's hear it.

Your request will be valid for one decision cycle, which lasts a month. Whatever the outcome, you can submit a request every month if you wish.

Fill out the form to make your request:

Obviously we will keep your email safe and not share it around