FAQ: frequently asked questions

I forgot what I'm supposed to be doing this month, remind me

OK, go here.

I'm quite selective about which charities I support

That desire to be in control and to have things exactly as we want them is great when applied to buying a new car or ordering a coffee, but it's antisocial when applied to group decisions. Didgud is a place where we can practice contributing, listening and accepting group wisdom.

The decision method regularly suggests great charities I've never heard of, which makes me feel really good that there are people around who are doing great work without me knowing and regularly reminds me that I don't know everything.

There's also comfort in discovering that the reasons you are selective are known by others too. Maybe the DidGud crowd holds charities to standards equally as high as yours in which case there is pleasure to be felt in your vindication.

I support DidGud, but I really haven't time to meet people and/or I'm trying to make fewer friends, can I opt out of that part?

Yes, we understand, just email us at info@didgud.com and we'll set that up. Later we'll make it an option you can click yourself as and when you wish :-)

Why so complicated?

Part of it is the pleasure of meeting someone new every month and it goes with the territory that you have to work out how to communicate satisfactorily between yourselves when perhaps one person is at home all day and online, and another is working all the hours and prefers phone.

Wouldn't it be simpler to just choose two people and have them decide?

It's less fun to watch than to participate and part of the project is to have us challenge and explore what we think. Is a brain tumour charity more important than a dog sanctuary?

The other thing is that two people making the decision doesn't scale. When we've 1,000 members the money pot becomes a lot more worth stealing, so the pyramid system means no one person can both suggest a place and vote for it, it has to be checked through a few layers of people who are pretty much randomly placed together.

The pyramid decision system idea came before DidGud. DidGud is just one way of implementing the pyramid Decision Pairs system. I created it first as a way for a group of people to make a decision without the loudest person getting more than their fair share of influence. It's a system that give quiet people their fair voice, which is kinda my life's work.

How can I cancel?

Just cancel the regular payment at Paypal (I'll get a notification) or drop me an email and I'll do it: info@didgud.org.

Do we give odd amounts to the charities because we have to pay PayPal charges? And if we do, can I give a bit extra every now and then to cover them?

Yes we pay Paypal charges, and that's painful and rubbish. At some point I'll get the time to work out a better way so hopefully the problem will go away shortly. You could just send more money to me via Paypal in a chunk, if you want, but they'll also take their percentage off that. Best thing, I suggest, is to hang on just a little until I get a proper bank account set up and so on, and then we can do standing orders and the rest. Bitcoin anyone?